5 Creative New Year’s Resolutions

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 28th, 2023
Creative New Year's Resolutions

You rang in the new year with a bang, the hangover is wearing off, so enough of the cheering and enjoyment now it’s time to make some commitment,  yes now it’s time to get crackin’ on making a list of resolutions. Tired of making the same old goals to diet and exercise more? Here are a few creative New Year’s resolutions that can shake up your normal new-year routine:


Publish Something

The first step to completing this goal is to ask the obvious question: what are you good at? If you’re a writer, start submitting your pieces to magazines and local newspapers. Or, start a blog! Blogging is the newest and easiest way to immediately get your written word in front of an audience.

If you’d take a guitar before grammar, maybe it’s time to post some of your music on a YouTube channel. It might take some bravery, but if you’ve spent years writing songs and only performing them for your cat, you deserve a step up. (No offense against your cat.)

Are you an artist? Post your work online or take it to a local art show. Most major cities have outdoor art walks that locals can participate in.


Get a Pen Pal

Friends are a good thing. Couldn’t you use a few more? But let’s be honest – approaching a complete stranger in a bar can be intimidating and potentially awkward. Plus, can you really tell if you’re going to have anything in common with someone just judging by the type of drink in their hand? (Well, maybe.)

But one benefit of seeking a friend online is that chat rooms and pen-pal services are usually filtered by interest. Another benefit is the opportunity to communicate with someone in a completely different part of the world. Up for a cultural discussion with someone living a life completely different than your own? It’s probably only a click away.


Eliminate Negative Self Talk

A more common resolution might be “Be kind to others,” so why not add “Be kind to myself”? If you start paying attention, you might be surprised by how many terrible things you say to yourself that you’d never say to another person without feeling guilty for weeks. So, start treating yourself right!

No more mental comments about your weight, your hair, your social skills, your athletic abilities, etc. Take those thoughts out of your head and replace them with the types of constructive things you’d say to a friend.


Travel Your Own City

Even if your lofty plans to backpack through Europe fall through, the goal to see something new doesn’t have to be discarded. Even if you’ve lived in the same city for years, have you really seen every corner of your neighborhood? Investigate online travel sites to see what the experts recommend that visitors do in your city.

Have you checked off even half of that list? Time to get started! Take a day, go alone, or grab a friend, and head out to really experience your own city. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Who knows? You might strike gold and find a new favorite haunt you want to return to time and time again.


See a Movie Alone

If you’re a social creature, this might sound really boring to you. (Although if you’re the type to talk through the movie, it’ll be a better experience for everyone else in the theater with you.) But you have to admit, there is something admirably bold about going to a movie alone.

Pick a movie that no one else has to agree on, buy yourself a tub of popcorn, and settle in for 2 hours of thought-provoking “me time.” It might take a little courage, but what’s a new year’s resolution if not for trying brave new things?

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