5 Content Curation Tips for SEO

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 23rd, 2014

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Creating new valuable content on a regular basis is critical to an SEO with high aspirations. But any SEOer who has tried to create new valuable content on a regular basis knows just how difficult it is. It’s hard. Really hard! That’s why content curation is so popular these days amongst content marketers and SEOers. The idea of leveraging other people’s/brands content and compiling them, adding opinions to them, and adding additional information to them in such a way that it becomes valuable, interesting, and engaging to the end-user.

So to get you brainstorming on how to leverage content curation in your SEO campaign… We present to you 5 specific content curation tips that you can use to get your campaign off the ground. Here they are in no particular order of importance:


1. Most Recent Influential Tweets About {blank}

Using Twitter’s search functionality you can find the most recent tweets about any given subject of your choice. Using a tool like FollowerWonk you can identify the “authority level” of the Twitter users to identify the most influential.

Then using Embedded Tweets you can embed those tweets into your page or post and write about them.


2. The Best {blank} Videos on YouTube Right Now

Just like the Twitter strategy, use YouTube’s search functionality to find the top trending YouTube videos on any subject. Embed those right into your blog post and comment on them. The execution of this is critical.

Many try to pull this one off but fail. It’s all about the design presentation and the order or flow in which you place the videos that helps make this strategy successful.


3. Top {blank} Blog Posts of The Week

Here at Chillopedia we really heavily on Google Reader for this strategy. Rather than trying to search the web for blog content using Google Blog Search, We recommend you RSS subscribe to the top blogs in your industry first which will help you truly tap into the best blog content in your industry.

You can then simply decide each week or each month which content is the best. You can also check out aggregators like Popurl, N4G, Techspy, Filmwatch, Reddit and IMDB to get a wide variety of post ideas. 


4. Most Popular {blank} Pins of The Week

Just like Twitter or YouTube, you find the most popular or trending Pins on Pinterest for a given subject or industry that is relevant to your content.

Use Pinterest’s search tool to help you make this happen.


5. Top {blank} Products in Amazon

This one is fun because there’s a monetization opportunity here. If you are signed up as an Amazon Associate you can embed links to Amazon and get credit for any purchases an end-user makes.

Using Amazon’s search tool… search a subject then use the filtering tool to identify the most popular, most sold, most reviewed etc.


These give you just a handful of ideas of how to leverage content on the web to help you create new content for your audience. New content that can also rank well in search engines if you do it right. You probably have another handful of ideas just as you are reading these 5.

Write those ideas down and start implementing them today. Content Curation should be one of your chief strategies in SEO for 2013 if you want to survive and succeed. Good luck!