5 Best IPhone Apps For Engineers

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 21st, 2023
Best iPhone Apps for Engineers

Apple’s iPhone is a wonderful gadget that can keep your life in order in a variety of ways. Not only can you engage in phone calls with friends, family, and acquaintances, but you can also stay productive, organized, and entertained. Downloading some of the countless apps present on the iTunes App Store can help you to accomplish a number of tasks easily on your iPhone which will make your life much easier. If you are an engineer or a college student who is studying engineering, you can choose from a number of available iPhone apps that are specifically related to the field of engineering. These apps can help you do your engineering-related tasks easily and efficiently. Here are the 5 best iPhone apps for engineers:



Orifice is $3.99 at the App Store and is useful for engineers who want to calculate orifice size, delta P, or the volumetric flow rate. The app allows you to crunch numbers quickly and conveniently so that you can determine various sizes in seconds.

It is ideal for users as it includes a straightforward user interface and includes a variety of pre-made calculator templates that can be changed depending on what you need to calculate.


element14 Everywhere

element 14 Everywhere is free and an essential app for engineers who perform designing every now and then. It is a social network of engineers, where you can connect, chat about your work and share ideas as well as expertise and get advice on various design projects.

The app is really useful in finding specific and brief answers to many complex engineering problems. Luckily the community is quite active and you can get answers to your newly posted questions quite quickly.


Electronic Toolbox Pro

Electronic Toolbox Pro is $6.99 at the App Store and is a great reference database for engineers who need quick information and access to conversion features. Individuals can conveniently browse through a large database of electrical references and save the ones they need for quick reference later.

Engineering students can also take advantage of this useful app and study while on the go.


Engineering Professional

Engineering Professional costs $11.99 at the App Store and is useful for engineering students. It includes hundreds of formulas that allow you to calculate a variety of things related to the subject of engineering.

There are information and formulas related to electrical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and environmental engineering.


EE Basics – Electrical Engineers and Electricians

EE Basics costs $4.99 and is a great app that is especially good for electrical engineers. It consists of a database that includes various articles on tables and the basic laws of electrical engineering.

You will find this reference book app highly useful and organized in an easy-to-read manner as it includes a table of contents and all information broken down in alphabetical order. It is also excellent for engineering students to have handy for quick reference and study purposes.

With all of these highly convenient and great apps, you can keep yourself prepared for solving any calculation or determining a variety of formulas related to engineering in all of its areas. You will appreciate having these apps right at your fingertips so that you can reference various engineering terms, no matter where you are.


Honorable Mentions

  • Mechanical Engineer (powerful dedicated app for Mechanical Engineers)
  • Engineer’s Calculator (suitable for all Engineers)
  • Fastfigures (suitable for all Engineers)
  • iLogica (suitable for Computer Engineers – Available on Cydia only)
  • CompCal (suitable for all Engineers)

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