5 Best Dental Apps For IPhone

POSTED BY Rajkumar Jonnala, UPDATED ON March 16th, 2023
Best Dental Apps for iPhone

iPhones are nothing without apps, as applications are responsible for all major/minor singular or multiple tasks. There are many apps that can add knowledge to your life but given the fact that an average person passes 3000 hours of their life in front of a mirror cleaning their teeth, dental iPhone apps become a must-have thing for an iPhone owner. There are many cool free applications out there. However, there are some apps that you have to pay for and the charges may vary from as little as 99 cents to a whopping 399.99$. While apps can be useful in giving you general knowledge regarding your dental hygiene, they don’t serve as a substitute for an appointment with your dentist! Here is a list of some of the best iPhone dental apps present on the app store:


5. iRomexis (Free)


iRomexis is the best app in terms of images. It has a comprehensive 2-D and 3-D image view which allows users to view images more clearly in either 2D or 3D.

The image resolution is excellent, and a teacher can easily use it to educate students. It can also be used for consultation, communication, and for reference purposes in colleges. This application clearly shows all the problems and treatments.


4. DDS GP (399.99$)


DDS GP was created with the aim of assisting dentists in presenting diagnoses and treatments to their patients. The app has a lot of information about the treatment of certain diseases along with pictures. It also contains a library that has a series of presentations that contain all topics related to dentistry.

Even patients can use this application to know what their problems are and how they can be treated. The app also allows dentists to draw customized plans for their individual patients.


3. Medscape (Free)


Medscape was the number one download application in the year 2010. This app has many areas of information which include information on drugs, injections, diseases and symptoms, procedures and protocols, as well as OTCs and herbals.

It also gives excellent tips on health issues.


2. LexiComp (Free)


If you need information about dental health only, then LexiComp is for you. It gives you a full library of dental resources.

The information includes drugs and their effects, images of dental procedures and their conditions, information on laboratory and diagnosis procedures, patient resources, natural information products, a dental office emergency handbook, Stedman’s medical dictionary, and much more.


1. ePocrates Rx (Free, 99$ – 199$)

ePocrates Rx

ePocrates Rx is free and is used as a free mobile clinic reference library. It is the best application for your iPhone because it includes a drug guide, formulaic information, and a comprehensive drug injection checker. This app can be used by all kinds of people like doctors, dentists, patients, mothers, nannies, and students.

The app is designed to update itself and shows the latest news about medicine. It is also available in different versions with each version specifically focusing on a certain disease and its respective treatments, the price, therefore, varies from $99 to $199.

All of these applications are equally good and have quite good reviews; it is advisable to look for the one you will like the most.

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