4 Ways To Party Like The Rich and Famous

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 25th, 2014

Party Like The Rich and Famous

When we mere mortals throw a party we invite our friends, put some food on little cocktail sticks and make a playlist. We then look on in envy at the parties of the rich and famous and fantasize about the kind of bash we would throw if we had millions to spend. But even though we’ll never have PDiddy’s riches, here is how you can throw a party like the rich and famous on a lemonade budget.


1. Elton John

elton john 50th birthday party

Elton John has thrown many decadent parties over the years, but most notably, his 50th birthday party in 1997 featured Elton dressed as Louis XIV with a powdered wig so massive, he had to arrange special transportation for it to get to the party. At another one of Elton’s bashes in the 1970s, he arranged for baby-oiled male models to skydive into the party on the stroke of midnight.

DIY Elton John Party: If you can’t find any oil-slicked skydivers for hire then you can always go for the Baroque theme for your party. The guests can come dressed as the Lords and Ladies of Versailles, in full wigs and white make up.

Play some Bach or Handel on the decks, a game of croquet on the lawn and just make sure that there are enough colourful cupcakes around for everybody to eat cake.


2. Kate Moss 

Kate Moss 35th birthday party

This supermodel is known for her excessive partying and her 35th birthday party in 2009 certainly didn’t disappoint. Kate threw a medieval themed party at her London home and there were reports of stuffed animal heads being carried around, a pig roast and the party went on for three days, attracting noise complaints from Kate’s neighbours at her £8 million London mansion.

DIY Kate Moss Party: Your guests probably won’t be able to take the time off work to party with you for three days solid, but medieval theme parties are hugely popular and relatively easy to carry out.

If you don’t want to go for the full-on hog roast, opt for a barbeque feast instead. You could set up some jousting games with foam jousts and arm your knights and wenches with toy swords or flowered garlands as favours. Just try and keep the noise down, yeah?!


3. P Diddy

p diddy 40th birthday party

P Diddy has thrown some pretty epic parties over the years, but for his 40th birthday in 2009 he pushed the boundaries of lavishness by spending $28,000 on decorative orchids alone. P Diddy’s legendary ‘Black and White’ party cost a total of $3 million and was held at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Guests included Denzel Washington, Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z who were all sipping P Diddy’s very own brand of vodka.

DIY P Diddy Party: Luckily, P Diddy’s black and white theme is simple and relatively inexpensive to copy- so there’s no need to splash out on a million orchids to make the place look special, all you need are black and white balloons and bunting.

Your food can also follow the theme- instead of providing vodka to your guests to sink, get some black and white Oreos, Black Jack sweets, maybe a white chocolate fountain… you get the idea. Guests will also be grateful to you for picking such an easy fancy dress code too.


4. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell 40th birthday

For Naomi Campbell’s 40thbirthday, her Russian tycoon boyfriend flew her and her best friends to the French Riviera for a week and threw her not one, not two, but three birthday parties for the occasion. One was an all-white affair, the second was a hip hop extravaganza and the third was a Brazilian themed Samba party. The total cost for everything was a whopping £1.8 Million.

DIY Naomi Campbell Party: If no one offers to fly you and your friends to the French Riviera, why not throw your own Samba bash in the comfort of your own home. Bedeck your space with enough coloured paper and streamers to make it unrecognisable, pick up some Samba moves from YouTube and prepare to wow your guests with a live Samba lesson!

People can come dressed as Brazilian footballer supporters or dancers from the Rio Carnival.


So there you have it! Four ways to party like the rich and famous. If you have any more celeb inspired party ideas, share them in the comments below!