4 Things Parents Overlook About The IPad

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 8th, 2023
Things Parents Overlook about the iPad

Either your child has an iPad or it eventually will. Despite its price and initial criticism, the iPad has found enormous success, especially among the young. For parents, it provides a quick-fix “nanny” that will buy them precious time of calm and peace. In the past, this was not something that was accepted, but today, with both parents working just to pay the bills, it is much more understood. Convenient as it is, there are a few things parents overlook about the iPad and as a consequence put their children at unnecessary risk:


4. Online Stalkers Can be Found on iPad too

Not everyone on the Internet has good intentions. And a stalker can find your child through the iPad as easily. In fact, one of the first things he’ll do is ask your child where he is, so he doesn’t have to reveal his nature unless he knows you’re not around. Definitely not something you want to expose your child to.

Remember given the number of proxies and tools available nowadays, restricting a site’s access is no longer effective and the only effective measure left for parents is tracking the online activities of their children via software that their children can’t tamper with.


3. Adult Content is Easily Available on iPad

An iPad is not a toy. It takes a few keystrokes to get the same content as that on a computer. Unless you give a permanent place to the iPad where you can monitor what your child can see (which defeats the purpose of an iPad), then this type of software is the only way to see the sites that your child is visiting and take the necessary measures.

A single visit to an adult site can damage a child’s brain for years to come. It’s a line that parents have to make sure their children don’t pass before they are aged enough.


2. An iPad is a Simple Computer

With an iPad, you can do the main things you can do with a computer. It seems very obvious and maybe even redundant to include this on this list. However, parents forget that an iPad presents the same dangers to children as a computer.

In fact, it’s worse, because the computer stays at home, but the iPad can be taken elsewhere, where you can’t see what your child is doing (unless you have a monitoring program).


1. Install iPad Monitoring Software

Some parents are aware of cell phone monitoring software and how convenient it is to protect their children and keep them safe from others and from themselves. However, few parents know that they can get the same program for the iPad.

You get the exact same benefits from it and thus, the peace of mind that the program brings.



You should be even more careful with the iPad than with a computer. And no, you can’t keep your child from getting an iPad. It’d be like telling a child that he can’t get a bike. Instead, teach them how to use it and get some monitoring software for an iPad to keep a guardian eye on them.

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    there are also softwares like net nanny which can help us monitor the activities on a computer – dunt know if its on ipad also

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