4 Reasons Robots will Never Rule the World

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 12th, 2019

Reasons Robots will Never Rule the World

We all have heard that one day man will develop robots which will be much better than humans in terms of intelligence and physical strength and these robots will then rule over the world and man will become their slave. So, how much truth lies in this statement, well, to be honest, we know at our heart that this might never happen due to a lot of reasons. Here in this article, we have put the light on some of the major reasons robots will never rule the world:


1. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are somewhat predictable. Yes, a sophisticated tidal prediction system could be put in place to predict floods and the like, but the same as humans, robots would no doubt harness the tidal power of the oceans to fuel their march across the lands.

These centers of the industry could be wiped out by a freak tidal wave or a rise in seawater. Even if greenhouse gases were to stop being emitted into the environment there are no guarantees that the temperature would stop rising. We would have handed the robots a bit of a mess to clean up.


2. Spam

Misuse of the ‘send to all’ button and YouTube videos of dancing Stormtroopers will clog up an incredible amount of bandwidth and stutter communications considerably.

World domination is a long way off when you cannot create a secure network spanning from one side of the office to another. Sorry robots, we filled the internet up already.


3. Oil

We already used all the oil. How are the robots going to lubricate their intricate weaponized mechanisms of death? The fires of industry needed to construct an army big enough to challenge human supremacy would need a lot of fuel. You could run up some serious points on your Nectar Card though.

Rather fortunately, in this case, we used most of the fuel up. We suppose in a twisted way, we have saved ourselves from annihilation. In another way, we have doomed ourselves to a world full of uber-competitive economies that will one day soon grind to a halt, cause mass panic and eventually, err, annihilation.


4. Those Pesky Kids

At the end of every Scooby-Doo cartoon, those ‘pesky kids’ save the day, in their own uniquely annoying manner. Not really in any great effort of our own, but the human race’s capacity to multiply in population is a force of nature that any robot army would be hard pushed to eradicate. They’d have no problem wiping out pandas or other endangered animals, but we already gave them a head start with those.

Babies, on the other hand, are popping out everywhere. The world is riddled with babies. In the time it has taken you to read this sentence, 8 babies have been born. I wish all the unborn babies would all communicate, hold back and all pop out at the same time to skew that stat.

If robots did want to rule the earth, the best advice that I could give them would be to wait until we wipe ourselves out. Maybe that’s what they’re already doing. Oh God, it’s started already.