4 Must To Have IPhone Apps

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Must Have Apps For iPhone

The iPhone offer its customers several unique applications which convince and encourage them to use this product frequently. Various applications include pulse, alarm clock, drop box, ever note, whether HD, I talk, travel tracker, splashed, emergency aid etc. The usefulness of these applications cannot be ignored due to various benefits. All these applications are a source of providing opportunities in accessing information where ever there is availability of internet. Wi-Fi networks are easily and automatically detected.

iPhone supports standards of 802.11b and 802.11g. More over there is an option for sim cards through which a user can have access to various cellular networks. The edge support provides immediate transfer of data and connectivity such as Bluetooth which is used in short range of networking.

In short all these applications are a source of promoting ones business. It increases the productivity level of the user; boosts the efficiency by enhancing communication within the business structure.

Moreover, there are several other apps which can be used to make you life more easy and convenient. However, these 4 are must to have iPhone apps for any user:


1. Twitter

Twitter is a social application. It offers a quick as well as a simple way through which we can stay closer to everything. This application helps in investigating the present situation globally or any other specific place which the user wishes to search for.  It also assists in the flowing of conversation.

Moreover, the maps provide easy access to various routes. Twitter being a very advanced feature of iPhone has helped in making things easier for many people.


2. Fring

Fring, which is another social application, offers voice and video calls along with live instant messaging. These calls are free, one way and can be directly accessed from iPhone. It also matches your connectivity according to the video call.

Now you can have live chat absolutely free. No need to spend any more extra charges for expensive SMS. Enjoy free video calls with your group completely free of cost.


3. Draon dictation

Another important business application is Dragon dictation which provides easy recognition of voice. The user could send texts by speaking the entire message and can instantly see both the emails and texts and respond to them.

With the help of this application the user is able to deliver messages five times faster than actually typing it on keyboard.


4. Ever Note

The last important application that a user must have is a productivity application known as ever note. This is a special notepad that allows the user to store huge amount data rather than only notes.

These notes could be in any form such as images, pictures or voice messages. Thus, a user can easily remember the written information and refer to it repeatedly.


Thus, today iPhone’s are providing countless applications and users are still eager to avail the next greatest application after every trial.

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