4 Great Phone Apps For Your Prom

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Great Phone Apps For Your Prom

There are interesting iPhone apps for the prom out there for both guys and girls. Of course, apps like Prom Hairstyle and iFrockUp are geared towards girls, while guys will be more appreciative of apps like Ask to Dance. In other words, there is something for everyone.


Prom Hairstyles App

Prom Hairstyles app

Admittedly, this is more interesting for girls, but being a guy does not mean you should not care about yours. So, this one is good for both sexes. If you are looking for the perfect prom hairstyle, but you do not know where to find it, the Prom Hairstyles iPhone app is the one for you.

It features a lot of interesting and modern hairstyles, which you can browse and try. All you have to do is show it to your stylist at the salon. You can also show friends to see what they have to say about your idea.

You can also upload your photo, take advantage of the new celebrity hairstyles featured monthly, get hairstyle recommendations, make your own style by adjusting the size and position of the hairstyle, and more.


iFrockUp app

ifrockup app

Maybe it is not the most important thing for everyone, but there it is – iFrockUp is the latest, most clever way to get ready for the big day.

This app lets your friends give you feedback on and rate your dress, shoes, hairstyles, and more. What you do is get all your friends to rate you on Twitter and Facebook, and all the ratings will come back to the app.

You can also learn where to buy the stuff you need, make a short list of your favorite things, and more.


Ask to Dance App

ask to dance app

The app Ask to Dance includes advice on how to ask people to dance. Touted as the little black book of brilliant ideas by its creators, the app also promises that you will win your coveted one’s heart. The app dispenses valuable advice in four different categories: Play on Words, Old Classics, So They Say and Take Action.

You can also choose your own category. The ideas range from simple to complex, and they can be mixed to create the type of presentation you want. This is a good app for girls too, if you want to ask boys out.


Prom360 App


The free app Prom360 offers all the latest news about the prom each year, from the hottest new prom dresses to tendencies and trends in all respects all over the world. This app is mainly a shopping tool, which makes it more interesting for girls, but this is not to say we should totally exclude men as a target group.

It also includes interesting tools like budgeting for the prom, checklist, timeline, etc. Those who get this app can read and share fashion news and tendencies from the site of the International Prom Association, where videos have also been uploaded.

You can see which the authorized prom retailers are and where they are on the map and find the place nearest to you.