4 Camera Apps for Windows Phone 7

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Camera Apps for Windows Phone 7

The market for Windows Phone 7 is growing continuously at pretty good pace. With quite good way behind the Android Market and iTunes App Store for a while, there is plenty of sunlight for application developers. Today in this post we have listed the 4 camera apps for Windows  Phone 7 that offer inventive ideas, and valuable tools to take pictures with your Windows Phone 7.

If you are a photographer and use SLR or DSLR cameras for photography then you must prefer to have strap for your SmartPhone so that you make maximum out of your Windows Phone 7.

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 1. Photo Stylist


Photo Stylist is an LG Windows Phone 7 app; if you own an LG Optimus 7Q or 7, then you can pick this from LG apps store.

Photo Stylist facilitates completely in post-production. So, you need to just take a photograph as usual. After opening the application, you will be provided with sliding scales and bunch of dissimilar effects to adjust the photo. You can make pop art, vignette, smooth, accent, and make them look old also.


2. Apict (Instant Camera)

apict wp7 app

Apict is a photography app that we have already seen working well with the other mobile platforms. After taking the photo, you can turn the shots into various polaroid-styles with white bordered shots.

You will be provided with the option of cropping the shot, after that robotically vignette the corners, filter the stick and color on the border.


3. Colorize

colorize wp7 app

Colorize is an elegant little photo editing app, which concentrates on small facet of post-production.

The first thing that App does is sucking the color and presenting the photo in a complete black and white version. With the help of a magic coloring pen, you can swipe on screen to automatically get its color back. It automatically detects the picture edges. You can pinch and zoom the picture, and you will be allowed to change the brush size.


4. PhotoCube 3D

photocube 3d wp7 app

You can see lot of image viewer apps that are waiting for your Windows phone 7. Show off your much loved photographs on a rotary 3D picture cube. You can also add music at the time of spinning.

Make use of your digital cameras in order to create custom photo album. You can see many options available, including zooming, spinning, or bouncing cube. You can see uninstaller as well as installer included in the app.