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3mik review

With dozens of new online social tools being introduced every month focusing millions of users worldwide, the social funnel seems to be getting saturated at a rate no one ever envisioned. However, despite some impressive new social tools that got mainstream success and exposure (like Pinterest, Mention, RebelMouse, SkyLines etc), there is still a lack of social tools that are engineered for specific regions as some areas can have specific needs that cannot be fulfilled with a globally targeted generic tool and thus require a dedicated solution. We today would like to introduce to you such a specific solution engineered by the team at – a discovery engine dedicated to an Indian audience.


The Concept

The concept behind the inception of 3mik is straight forward; a social platform that allows people of India to share and discover interesting stuff that they would like to buy or visit.


The Platform

3mik with its Pinterest inspired infinite scroll user interface, looks quite sleek despite being in beta stage and allows quick and easy registration options for new users via Facebook, Google and Twitter (it took us just 3 seconds to make our account). Much like Pinterest allows you to either save or like the stuff you view. However, unlike Pinterest comments are allowed only inside item pages (comments not allowed on the home page to allow more content to show up).

Quick links like “City”, “New items” and “Editor’s pick” make it easier to narrow down content for the users whereas “Surprise me” makes it work more like a discovery engine.

3mik also allows you to upload your stuff in whichever category you like (much like a classified site). It also enables you to write detailed descriptions, groups, and sources of your uploaded item (something ideal for online marketers).


The Potential

3mik is no less than a heaven for Indian e-commerce site owners as it allows them to share their content online completely free and because of social integration the potential of the shared items to go viral is limitless – something not present in ordinary classified ads websites like – which makes 3mik more of a merger of social tools. classified ads websites and discovery engines.  


The Future

Being in the very early beta stage currently, 3mik has a long way to evolve into a much more powerful and mature product that can win huge Indian audience. But proper online/offline marketing, a bit on-page/off-page SEO and deep integration of more advanced social tools can ensure 3mik’s evolution to continue at a much faster pace.


Get Connected

Try out 3mik now. You can also follow 3mik on Facebook, and Twitter.



We were lucky to exchange a few words with the development team of 3mik recently and we are glad that they are quite open to user feedback (even if it’s negative). Don’t hesitate in case you have some suggestion regarding functionality that should be present in the platform (you can even expect a handsome reward for a cool suggestion).