3D TV For Dummies

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 13th, 2019


In recent years 3D has been at the forefront of the cinema industry. People have been creating 3-dimensional illusions for years, yet recent technological advances have revolutionized the way we can watch movies at the cinema. Avatar was perhaps the benchmark film in recent years and anyone who was lucky enough to see it at the cinema will be able to tell you what an incredible cinematic experience it was.

Now, 3D isn’t just available at the cinema – electronics manufacturers have developed television sets that produce 3D effects, just like at the cinema. Because this technology is still relatively new, very few people actually know anything about it. So, when it comes to researching on a 3D TV, it would certainly help to learn a thing or two before parting with your hard-earned cash.


How It Works (In Simple Terms)

Do you remember when you were a kid, the red and green glasses that you wore to bring a 3D picture to life? The reason for the two different colors of the lens was so that two different images were shown to each eye.

This created the 3D illusion, and the glasses that you wear today at the cinema or with your television set do pretty much the same. A 3D television signals the glasses to flicker at a specified rate as a result of which a 3D illusion is created.


Are 3D TVs Expensive?

The good news is that competition is rife within the television industry, meaning that prices are also competitive. It is a common misconception that 3D TVs will cost the earth, and then some, but you can actually pick them up relatively cheaply nowadays.

As with all electronic goods, prices and quality vary drastically, but there are television sets to suit most budgets.


What Equipment Do You Need?

Obviously you’ll need a 3D compatible television set and the compatible glasses to enjoy 3D. Only certain shows will render correctly in 3D – you can’t just watch any show, it needs to have been filmed with 3D cameras.

You can also buy 3D Blu-ray players, to enjoy high-quality movies in 3D.


Is It Worth It?

This is a question that only you can answer. More and more 3D Blu-ray movies are being released and lots of shows are now available in 3D. However, the illusion doesn’t work on everyone. Up to 4% of people cannot see 3D, so it’s definitely worth checking if you can beforehand!