3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Olx.in

POSTED BY Rafay Farooq, UPDATED ON March 25th, 2023
Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Olx.in

Olx India is the hottest online portal for free classifieds in India. It also stands among the best online classified services that are operating in many countries. It empowers users to design their own ads with multimedia and control their dealings along with many other useful community activities via the ‘My Olx’ page. The users can put their classified ads on display through many social networking websites and can also post their ads via smartphones. The account visibility has also the option of many languages, so the users can operate in their preferred language medium. Olx originated in New York, the United States in 2006, and within a short span, it became operational internationally. In India, it has boomed in the online classified industry in a very short span of time thanks to its brilliant marketing campaign and mind-blowing tv ads. The marketing strategy of Olx.in has been phenomenal and was the main driving force that allowed it to become the market leader. Today we are going to discuss the three marketing lessons that you should learn from Olx.in:


Lesson # 1: Marketing is Just Half the Story

A good marketing campaign is just half the story because unless the advertised product or service is good, the visitors fetched in through marketing won’t convert into customers or fans That is why Olx.in has made a rule to rule over the people. They have always given top priority to optimizing their service to make it more streamlined and customer-centric.

Olx.in visitors have powerful options to manage, track and customize their ads. The deep categorization of already posted ads with respect to cities, provinces, and price ranges is something that makes the platform really user and time-friendly.


Lesson # 2: Optimal Conversion Funnel

Marketing strategies are fruitless if your service is hard to understand and use. A majority of visitors to any website are beginners and are not tech-savvy, therefore, the user experience should be optimized with respect to a newbie.  

marketing lessons from olx

At Olx.in, the best thing about their marketing campaign is that they have deeply integrated the user experience elements with their marketing elements and as a result, their conversion funnel is fully optimized. Their marketing efforts fetch visitors (direct, referral, and search traffic) to their portal (top of the funnel), and thanks to a mature and streamlined process a high percentage of visitors post their ads or contact other users to negotiate the price of the item they are interested in (bottom of the funnel).


Lesson # 3: The Virality Factor 

Regional television marketing and social media optimization (SMO) is another powerful part of the overall marketing strategy of Olx.in which allows them to make loads of visitors converge on their portal through both social and traditional media. Olx.in has a strong and active presence in almost all online and offline marketing channels. Their posts and ads are witty and creative which makes them go viral easily. 

The most commendable job of Olx.in in the field of marketing is its regional tv campaign. Their ads have been consistently brilliant and have been viral for quite some time. Their usage of humor in day-to-day matters has been really creative. Check out these recent regional ads to get an idea:

Olx has effectively managed to provide fast, reliable, and guaranteed services and has also been successful in making its services very clear and precise to its customers. Vagueness in any service can lead to a lack of customer attention as in today’s fast pace and busy routine people don’t bother to make an effort to understand a complex offer no matter how good it may be. Olx.in seemed to have grabbed these points very well.

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