2012 Military Fashion! Yes, Sir!

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Military Fashion

As usual, the New Year is bringing new fashion to the front lines. Military-inspired wardrobes are back with focal pieces and accessories that make a statement on base and on the runway. The best part about this trend is that it isn’t just for the few and the proud. Everyone can attain style status with some easy tips on how to bring home the troop-inspired style in 2012.


The Key to Camouflage is Color

Even animals know that. But that doesn’t mean that it’s time to run out to the Army surplus store to get your own set of camos to make this trend work. Put sophisticated twist on camouflage by avoiding the print and sticking with the colors of camouflage.

Use Army greens, Navy blues, and sand storm beiges to inspire your ensemble. Keep the look together by staying inside the chosen color key. Make the color scheme easy to recognize by combining different solid colored colors or even maintain a monochromatic outfit to easily attain that classic uniform-look.


Nothing Can Bring Your Style up Through the ranks Like the Right Jacket

Luckily, when it comes to military style, there are plenty of silhouettes to choose from. From pea coats to bomber jackets, everyone can find a jacket to fit their wardrobe. Basic cropped military jackets can be worn with any casual outfit while a night out may call for a fancier, more decorated version of the piece.

Even if you don’t have any medals of honor to display, just a little metallic sparkle on the jacket can go a long way. Feminine details, such as metallic piping, give a dressier, festive feel to the traditionally rough item. Wear wool jackets for warmth and canvas jackets as a daytime accessory.

If you are lucky enough to have authentic attire, consider having it altered to be fitted and keep it from looking sloppy. When you put it on, the jacket will never have looked so good.


The Right Footwear Are Key to Success

Stand tall and grab attention with the right boots. Tall, knee-high boots with a heel will bring together nighttime looks while flat, tall boots will work better during the day.

Black or brown boots, with laces or without, knee-high or ankle-short, 2012 brings a whole new meaning to the term “boot camp.”


Get a Hint of the Military-inspired Trend

Big, solid buttons, double-breasted coats, wide wrist cuffs, sharp shapes, and braided piping bring a saucy, ready-for-battle feel to any occasion. Fine the feminine features in combining the tough styles with girly pieces.

For example, try leggings and boots with longer tops matched with your signature military jacket. Deciding on this year’s fashion resolution has never been easier. Be strong—Army strong.