2012 Cyber Security Research Report [Infographic]

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2012 Cyber Security Research Report

The year is 2012 and the digital landscape is at critical mass. Millions of software applications, billions of websites, hundreds of thousands of business, and billions of users, all coexist in this crazy bubble that is the internet, and among all of it, there is one issue that is ever growing but is also often overlooked – and that is cyber security.

Whether you’re a webmaster, business owner, or casual internet user, your personal information is likely to live somewhere on the internet on some database, and if some hacker happens to target the site on which that database lives, your information is compromised.

Whether it is your email accounts, social media accounts, online photo albums, ecommerce and retail shopping accounts, there are many ways by which this information can be stored, and in some cases, hacked.

This infographic, 2012 Cyber Security Research Report, is an enlightening look on the reality of these data vulnerabilities that we are all at risk of being victim from, with the latest research on who exactly is at the most risk, how they can be targeted, and how they can do something about it.

 Cyber Security Research Infographic

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