2011 MTV Video Music Awards

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON August 30th, 2011

The 2011 event was a gathering of epic proportions that will stay in the living memories of all the people and artists who participated or watched the event, it was a night to live on in the history of VMA lore.

MTV Video Music Award 2011

Last years shows highlight was Lady Gaga’s amazing dress but who can forget Taylor Swift’s performance of ‘Innocent,’the superb performance by Florence plus the Machine’s mesmerizing performance of ‘Dog Days Are Over’ and Kanye West closing the show with ‘Runaway?’

The Famous MTV Video Awards have a unique award design called the “Moon Man”.

The Moon Man

Beyoncé  performed along with Pitbull & Jessie J, Adele, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne and Young The Giant.


  • Video Of the Year: KATY PERRY for Firework

Katy Perry


  • Best Female Video: LADY GAGA for Born This Way

Lady Gaga


  • Best New Artist: TYLER, THE CREATOR  for Yonkers

Tyler, The Charmer & Creator


  • Best Male Video: JUSTIN BIEBER for U Smile

Justin Bieber


  • Best Collabaration: KATY PERRY & KANYE WEST for ET ( Extra Terrestrial )

Katy Perry with Kanye West


  • Best Hip Hop Video: NICKI MINAJ for Super Bass

Nicki Minaj


  • Best Rock Videos: FOO FIGHTERS for Walk Again

The Foo Fighters


  • Best Pop Video: BRITNEY SPEARS for Hit Me Baby One More Time, Oops & Toxic

Britney Spears


  • Best Video with a Message: LADY GAGA for Born This Way


  • Best Art Direction: ADELE for Nathan Parker



  • Best Choreography: BEYONCE for Run the World

Beyonce at The Award Ceremony


  • Best Cinematography: ADELE for Rolling in the Deep


  • Best Direction: BEASTIE BOYS for Adam MCA Yauch


  • Best Editing: ADELE for Art Jones at Work


  • Best Special Effects: KATY PERRY & KANYE WEST for ET ( Extra Terrestrial )