17 Movies with Great Endings

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17 Movies with Great Endings

Whether writing a novel, TV series, movie or any other form of storytelling, one thing is clear that endings are hard. They can be the most interesting ones, or the creepy ones, however most of the time movie endings are hardly memorable. We today however are up with our list of over a dozen movies with great endings that you might be interested in:


17. REC (2007) 

rec 2007

This popular Spanish film starts with a young cameraman and a TV reporter present at a fire station making a documentary about a typical day of a fire fighter. They soon receive an emergency call from an old woman who has been trapped in a building. Both of them follow a team of firefighters to the apartment and hear screaming as soon as they reach the affected apartment.

As soon as they approach the lady in the apartment, their nightmare begins and soon the entire building gets quarantined (the 2008 American remake of the same film also happens to be named as ‘Quarantine’) with all residents sealed inside. What follows is great mash up of survival horror and suspense and ultimately ends up in classic way.


16. Before Sunset (2004)

Before Sunset 2004

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Nine years ago, Celine (who happens to be a French woman working in an environment protection organization) and Jesse (a writer from US) meet on a train while traveling from Budapest to Vienna. They meet again for the second time in Paris and before they depart again to catch their flights, they stroll through Paris and share their experiences that happened since they last met. Though Jesse is already married and has a kid, but they still talk about whether they are still in love with each other or not.

The entire movie revolves around this walk and at the end of the film the true nature of their relationship is revealed. The ending sets this film apart from other typical love stories and teaches viewers the importance of love.


15. A Clockwork Orange (1971) 

A Clockwork Orange

This movie revolves around an ultra violent youth, Alex Delarge in Britain. Convicted of rape and murder, he is eventually arrested by the administration. He learns about a scheme in prison in which the convicts are programmed to hate violence and are offered freedom if they agree to go through this program.

Alex decides to go through this program in the hope of getting freed again. What follows is an amazing and influential journey coupled with a perfect ending.


 14. Dogville (2003)


After escaping a group of gangsters, the well-dressed and the beautiful lady, Grace reaches the mountainous town of Dogville during night. Tom who happens to be the self-appointed town spokesman, convinces town locals to give asylum to Grace in return of her services to the locals.

Although the townsfolk consider her very innocent but when a search party enters the town, Grace learns the hard way what she really has to offer in order to stay in the town. Unknown to the town residents however, she knows a deadly secret that the town of Dogville will eventually encounter in the end of the film.


13. There Will Be Blood (2007)

There Will Be Blood

The film is centered around Daniel Plainview, whose a miner that later turns into an oilman. Being ambitious and having nerves of steel, he makes lofty promises with people around him so that they could help him achieve his objectives. He receives cooperation of many individuals and ultimately builds an entire infrastructure and cultivates land.

Things however take a drastic turn when Plainview starts alienating everybody from his life after he accumulates substantial wealth leading to an interesting conclusion.


12. Blood Simple (1984)

Blood Simple

Bloodshed is usually the result of distrust, uncertainty and doubt, and this happens to be the sole plot of this film. Marty who is a bar keeper in Texas is certain that Abby (his wife), who is a saloon keeper, is cheating on him with Ray (Marty’s bar man). In order to kill both of them, Marty hires an unscrupulous detective, Visser.

Visser however has his very own malicious motives which makes the plot really interesting and eventually leads to an awesome finale.


11. Don’t Look Now (1973)

Dont Look Now 1973

Laura and John are in Venice where they recently lost their daughter when she drowned. They then happen to meet a pair of sisters, one of whom is a psychic and claims that she is able to see their dead daughter. John rejects the idea but Laura gets intrigued by it.

Later John himself gets unexplained psychic flashbacks in which he watches her dead daughter walking out in the street wearing the same dress in which she drowned. A lot of questions arise that get some shocking answers in the finale, making it one of the most gut-wrenching horror flicks of all time.


10. Triangle (2009)

triangle 2009

On a Saturday morning Jess invites her friends to go on a sail in a yacht. The yacht gets hit by a weird storm unexpectedly. In order to be at the safe side, the crew boards a passing ocean liner.

They find the ship to be completely empty and soon realize that there is someone hunting them one by one. What follows is a unique tale of some really unexplanable obnoxious events that make Triangle – one of the most brilliantly directed thrillers ever.


9. Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island

This movie is about the Teddy Daniel who is a U.S. Marshal whose given the responsibility to investigate the disappearance of a patient from a hospital located in Boston’s Shutter Island. Teddy soon becomes doubtful about the doctors and their treatments which he considers to be illegal, unethical to downright sinister.

The plot turns more puzzling as the doctors don’t grant him access to one of the suspected records which would help him to explore the case further. More puzzling clues multiply, more dangerous crimes start to unfold and Teddy becomes suspicious of everything around him, and is pushed to question his very own sanity.