15 Best Android Apps That You Should Use In 2017

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 25th, 2023
15 Best Android Apps that You Should Use in 2017

In this techno-digital era, there is a prevalence of Android apps that have influenced our cultural landscape. The proliferation of tech gadgets with internet access in them has reshaped our lives, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. These apps are not a means to an end but an end in itself. From successful parenting to smart business management, they offer endless possibilities to users. There are many Android apps that are ubiquitous and are at the top of the pantheon. With so many new apps being developed every day, you can’t spruce up your gadget with all of them. From among the mass of unmanageable apps, we have curated for you the best 15 Android apps that can help you tackle just about anything. Without much ado, let’s have a look at the 15 best Android apps that you should use in 2017:


15. WhatsApp

Whatsapp Android

No messaging app comes close to this one. WhatsApp is crowned as the most popular messenger app installed on more than one billion smartphones. It’s a widely-used communication platform that offers free chats and also has added features, making Instant Messaging more fun.

Apart from message content, you can also make calls, share photos, set statuses, and share videos and audio notes in your correspondence. With end-to-end encryption, the app has become more secure and enhances user privacy. The customization tools, group chat features, and added location make it an excellent choice for usage.


14. SwiftKey

swiftkey keyboard apk

If you are looking for a virtual keyboard for Android, SwiftKey is the right choice. It is a customizable keyboard that helps you when you have problems tapping your thumb on the screen. SwiftKey Flow allows you to create words by dragging your finger from letter to letter.

It supports multiple languages and keyboards and also offers predictive text so that you can generate quick and short messages. It has a polished user interface with extensive settings such as spell-check. This Android app can be synced to other devices and learns words from your social media.


13. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector App on Android

PhotoDirector is one of the best photo managing programs that offers features and organizing tools to sort out a large photo collection efficiently. Its powerful editing tools enable you to transform photos before you store them. It also has enhanced sharing capabilities.

There are so many ways you can import your photos to the app. PhotoDirector also helps you create smart collections, keyword tags, star ratings, etc. The program can stack the photos based on the date and time, frame, and composition and the service comes with plenty of free cloud storage.


12. Xnspy

Xnspy App for Android

Xnspy is a spying app that is designed to update you about your family and business partnerships so that you can maintain a work-life balance. It offers fast and real-time tracking and reporting of the activities of your target. It offers remote and discreet spying as you don’t need to physically access the phone while spying.

It is easy to set up and install and has a user-friendly interface. The software can be installed on a number of devices and offers enhanced functionality. XNSPY is indeed a powerful Android spying app that enables you to monitor call logs, texts and IM chats, email correspondence, call recordings, multimedia files, etc.

It also allows you to remotely command the target phone to lock the target screen, wipe data from the target phone, and take Live-screenshots. For strict surveillance, the software offers watch-list alerts on calls, messages, and locations.


11. Pinterest

Pinterest App for Android

Online shopping has made it easier for people to shop for anything at any time. Pinterest is an emerging shopping platform that enables us to discover and explore the latest products and trends along with visual content, based on our interests.

Once subscribed, you can log in to the main dashboard where you can browse different categories ranging from architecture to automobiles to fashion to animals. There’s a built-in share menu where you can create a pin, like a picture, or follow boards. It must not be mistaken for a social networking site.


10. Netflix

Netflix App for Android

One of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, Netflix offers a worthwhile experience for watching movies and TV shows. It delivers excellent programming and downloadable content if you want to watch something offline. The subscription fee is £5.99 per month which is quite reasonable.

It ensures fast and quality streaming and gives you unlimited access to a full range of TV programs and movies. Create a Netflix account and it will synchronize it with all the Android devices also offering 4K Ultra HD resolutions if they are available. It is a pioneer of binge-watching.


9. Instagram

Instagram App for Android

A technological explosion has opened floodgates to social media apps that make communication efficient. Whether you want to post videos and photos, stalk friends, or follow your favorite celebs, Instagram can help you fulfill all these tasks.

You can share your photos and videos with other members by posting recent updates. You can also tag people in relevant posts. The app offers a variety of photo filters so that you can enhance your creativity. The latest addition to Instagram is 15-second video clips and Lux slider, making it a tough app to beat.


8. Morecast

Morecast App for Android

Morecast is a weather app that works with the utmost precision. It uses the forecast algorithm along with high-precision meteorology to provide an accurate forecast. Morecast integrates global weather stations with data centers of its own to offer authentic details.

The app uses extensive features and tools including Doppler radar, hourly weather forecasts, wind speed, weather tracking for navigation, etc.

It is indeed beautifully designed and highly intuitive. It accesses real-time data to monitor precipitation, gust information, and weather comparisons. An instant overview of the current conditions is also shown on the visual splash page of the app.


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