13 Best Indie Games of 2013

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 18th, 2019


6. Antichamber


Antechamber is a first person puzzle game that is presented in awfully appealingly minimalist manner. The indie game uniquely plays with expectations and perception, and ignores many of the more traditional video game frameworks.

It breaks all the normal rules of logic while simultaneously showing you its own, forcing you to think and to experiment with its crazy puzzles. If you want an experience that will surprise you, you should definitely check this out.


5. Proteus

proteus indie games

Proteus is a short indie game. It’s so short, for most people it won’t last more than a half hour. Yet, it is probably nothing like you’ve ever played before. Saying play itself might be stretching it.

This indie game is an experiment in video game form; you are found on an artsy pixelated island, you are given given no direction, and you are left on your own. The game tempts you to discover how things unfold for yourself, and we too don’t want to ruin that experience by revealing anything about it.


4. Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

In Rogue Legacy, death is permanent. However, Progression doesn’t just reset with the death of your character. The game in fact adds a compelling layer to this challenging action platformer indie game. Each time you die, a new generation of heroes is born; each with interesting and new traits.

While many of the new heroes will feature useful abilities, there are some that will not (such as a hero with bad eyesight causing the screen to become fuzzy). The fun of this title lies with your gradual, constant progress as you grow stronger (or weaker) with each new generation of characters.


3. Papers, Please

Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a game that lets you play as a low-level border-crossing customs official. The gameplay involves having to examine various pieces of paperwork. While that may sound boring, Papers, Please turns up the dial every now and then to turn the dull act of determining the veracity of documents to a tension filled, emotional experience.

There are few sounds that are as stressful as the sound of Papers, Please’s in-game dot matrix printer spitting out another infraction notice for a mistake made, especially when that mistake just costs you the credits needed to buy medicine for your dying son. This indie game is one of 2013’s most unique game experiences.


2. Gone Home

Gone Home

Gone Home is genre defining game that really allows you to experience the intricate, moving stories of what seems to be a real family.

Despite being an indie game, Gone home really combines great artistic style, storytelling, and gameplay to give you a game that is one of the best Story-driven games of the year, packed with the emotional weight and authenticity that only a handful of games possess.


1. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a game that starts you off in the desk of an ordinary office worker doing what he’s told, mocking modern video games.  As such, the game is about the type of choices you make in various video games, or rather, the lack of choices you have.  He finds one day that his computer is no longer telling him what to do, and that his co-workers have mysteriously disappeared.

So he sets out to investigate, thus leading you on a journey of your choosing, with a hilarious narrator that TRIES to narrate your every move. The game is an amazing blend of innovation, surprise and humor.


Which of the above mentioned best indie games of 2013 have you played? Is there any other indie game that should have been in this list? Feel free to comment below!