11 Things We Want To See In IOS 7

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 14th, 2023
11 Things We Want To See in iOS 7

Apple doesn’t rest after launching a new invention in terms of a new product or an OS. The iPod got better, iOS smarter and the iPad mini is a new definition of innovation. iOS 6 came with its share of innovative features like amazing phone app controls like ‘send to voicemail’, Siri the voice recognition navigation app, the web browser Safari with major improvements, and a camera app among other features. Apple fans and loyal product users have already started making a wish list of what they want to see with the iOS 7. Here’s a list of 11 things that people would love to see in iOS 7:


1. Provision to Remove Default Apple Apps

All Apple devices have a folder named ‘Apple’ that contains apps like Voice Memos, Passbook, and Stocks among others apps. However, not all users use these default apps. Some users even rate them as junk apps.

A majority of users would like iOS 7 to have the option to remove the apps that they do not wish to use.


2. Password-Protected Images

By default, all iOS versions to date allow unrestricted access to both images and videos present on an iDevice. iOS 7 should feature password protection to secure this unauthorized access.


3. Option to Replace Default Apple Apps

Default apps that come included in Apple devices are designed to help you stay organized and work with your Apple device effortlessly. Some of those apps are hardly used by users.

Users wish that the next iOS comes with an option to replace the default apps that they do not use with the ones they use more often.


4. More Dynamic Icons

iOS provides a live calendar. In the next iOS, Apple can consider making more dynamic icons like clock and weather.


5. Improved App Management

A majority of people are used to working on Apple’s default app screen. However, users share the opinion that improved app management will go a long way in helping them work with Apple devices with greater ease.

In iOS 7, Apple can consider tweaking app management by providing more app screens, arranging the list of apps in alphabetic order, and making the apps available from Spotlight. This will allow users to access an organized app manager.


6. Enhanced Lock Screen

Many Apple users are worried as the iOS lock screen is very basic. Users expect iOS 7 to have a functional and rigid lock screen.


7. Replaced Siri’s Voice

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant that can help you get your things done just by following instructions in a voice command. You can schedule meetings, send messages to your contact list and schedule phone calls among other things just by using specific keywords and voice commands. Siri knows what you say and understands what you mean.

This interactive tool can be used in many languages. By default, Siri has a slightly female robotic voice. It would be nice if Siri can be made to sound more pleasing in iOS 7.


8. Improved Access to iTunes

iTunes has been improved upon leaps and bounds over the years. However, it will be nice if the next iOS allows users to access existing music collections and photographs with great ease.


9. Upgrade the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature

Do Not Disturb is one of the many features that are well-received by users. This feature allows you to set a time that you do not wish to be disturbed. As of this writing a user can set just a one-time schedule.

The next iOS can possibly have multiple options enabling users to define a weekend and a separate weekday does not disturb the schedule.


10. Demos For App Store Apps

The App Store is flooded with a plethora of apps from various niches. On the other hand, many apps are being introduced every day. To download and use some apps, users have to pay the price tag the app reads. However, some apps are available for free. Apple users do not make use of all the App Store apps.

One of the reasons being they are unaware of their true potential. Apple can consider including in the iOS 7 version a live demo of the respective app. App demos can be introduced for new apps for just 24 hours from the time they are launched.


11. Guest Account Addition

It will be a great idea if Apple includes in the iOS 7 a provision for users to switch to a guest account from the default account. This will be especially handy when the Apple device is being used by someone apart from the owner.

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