11 Great Reasons to Live in the US

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 17th, 2019

Reasons to Live in the US

You may be considering moving you and your family to the US because you’ve finally had enough of the European weather. Perhaps you are having trouble persuading the rest of the family to follow suit or convincing work colleagues that you haven’t gone completely mad. Allow us to help by giving you 11 great reasons to live in the US. If these reasons don’t convince them then nothing will.


1. Americans Are Optimistic

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You can’t buy a coffee or a newspaper in America without someone wishing you a nice day. And here’s the thing – they actually mean it! There is no sarcasm in American, everything is genuine and heartfelt and so that shopkeeper really does want you to have a nice day.

It’s this kind of sentiment rather than the surly looks that you get for even daring to want to buy something in the UK, which puts a spring in your step every morning.


2. The US is Multi-Cultural

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America accepts more immigrants than any other country in the world. In fact America is second behind the continent of Europe. Because America is so multi-cultural, you can experience many different flavors of America including European, Brazilian, Indian and Asian.

It is almost the nation of all nations so wherever you come from, you will fit right in. And let’s face it, they voted in a black President, twice. Can you see that happening in the UK or Australia?


3. Americans Go Large

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Not just with their fast food orders either. Everything is bigger in America, the supermarkets, the cities, the cars, etc. America is the world ‘large’ personified.


4. The Hollywood Smile

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Forget bad breath and crooked teeth, the Americans invented the Hollywood smile and as a result they now have some of the best smiles in the world.


5. The Great Republic

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If you are fed up of hearing about every minute detail of the Royal Family’s lives, then head to America, where the country is run for the people by the people. In fact, the US is one of the oldest democracies in the world.


6. The American Weather

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The US enjoys what is largely a temperate climate, unlike the rain sodden UK and the sun burned Middle East. The further south you go, the more tropical it becomes. You have every kind of weather front, from arid dry deserts to alpine mountains and when it snows, it really snows – not the pathetic continuous drizzle, unless you are in Hawaii where the climate is tropical all year round.

You’d never have to go on holiday to Spain again!


7. America’s Natural Landscape

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The US has every geological feature you can think of such as great lakes, mountains, forests, deserts, plains, plateaus, rolling hills, grasslands, tropical forests and volcanoes. There are 58 National Parks, 592 National Natural Landmarks, 155 National Forests and 756 Wilderness Areas.

That’s not even counting the miscellaneous public areas. So if you want to experience all the beauty of nature then America pretty much has it covered.


8. The Heartland of Music

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Think of Elvis and his swaying hips, Bill Haley who some say was the godfather of Rock and Roll, Bob Dylan and Nirvana; just some of the greatest American musicians who helped form American music during their lifetimes.

We can also thank America for hip hop, rhythm and blues, jazz, rock and roll, barbershop, pop, gospel and country and western. Music plays a large part in American culture and they embrace it all.


9. American Culture

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Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that American culture is now global. There is a McDonald’s in around 118 countries worldwide and Coca Cola is one of the biggest global selling brands.

Their music has influenced other musical styles and their liberty and freedom is still the envy of the world. It’s no wonder so many people relocate to the US every year.


10. Cheap Cost of Living

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Compared with Europe, the US has a relatively cheap cost of living. Petrol for instance is much lower at less than a pound per liter and although petrol prices have been rising they will always be lower than the Europe due to transportation costs.

Electronic goods are also cheaper and it’s true that you get a lot more house for your money – there are no rows of bleak terraced houses in the US.


11. Epic Shopping Malls

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Where else could you buy clothes, a rifle, furniture, half a deer and even a gas guzzling car all in the same place whilst getting your nails done?

American malls are like cities within cities and there isn’t anything that you can’t get in a mall.