10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maria Sharapova

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON August 21st, 2013

maria sharapova

One of the most toughest and aggressive tennis players Maria Sharapova, who won innumerable matches and became queen of everyone’s heart specially for her grunting during matches, is as legendary as her signature swinging volley.

We have compiled 10 interesting facts about Maria Sharapova which you must not be aware of. Enjoy !

1Maria won her first grand slam title, Wimbledon at the age of just 17 in 2004 and at 15, Maria became the youngest person ever to reach the finals of Australian Open junior tournament in 2002.

2. With an estimated $22 million in 2009, Maria is the top earner in female sports, despite only playing three tournaments so far because of a shoulder injury’.

3. Maria was the most searched athlete on Yahoo in 2005 and 2008.

4. Forbes recently ranked Maria as the world’s highest-paid female athlete for the seventh straight year: She earned $25 million, double the amount of any other female athlete in the world. Forbes also listed her as one of the top 100 most powerful celebrities of the year 2011.

5. Maria is engaged to Slovenian professional basketball player Sasha Vujačić, whom she have been dating since 2009, and she desires an early retirement from tennis.

6. Maria’s favourite perfume is Stella McCartney and she has a huge collection of stamps compiled since she was a child.

7. Maria is a big fan of Pippi Longstocking books, children’s literature, Sherlock Holmes and the world of spying.

8. Maria does not try any other sport than tennis as she is terrible at playing other sports.

9. Maria always goes for shopping after losing a match but she always practices for the next match if she wins.

10. The one piece of jewelry Maria never removes is a cross neck-less.