10 Things You Didn’t Know About Barack Obama

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 9th, 2019

barack obama

Barack Hussein Obama, the current President of the United States who also served as a United States Senator from Illinois from January 2005 until he resigned following his victory in the 2008 presidential elections, needs no introduction at all as so many of you probably know much about him but here are 10 things you might still not know about Mr. President:

1. As a teenager, Obama took drugs including marijuana and cocaine.

2. Obama is left-handed (the 6th post-war president to be left-handed).

3. Obama’s favorite meal is wife Michelle’s shrimp linguini.

4. Obama’s childhood nickname was Barry & he can speak Spanish.

5. Obama doesn’t drink coffee and rarely drinks alcohol.

6. Obama’s worst habit is constantly checking his BlackBerry.

7. Barack loves playing Scrabble & poker and has read every Harry Potter book.

8. Obama’s favorite fictional television programs are “Mash” and “The Wire“.

9. Obama’s specialty as a cook is chili.

10. Obama ate dog meat, snake meat, and roasted grasshopper while living in Indonesia.