10 Steps to Make a Highly Profitable Blog

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 23rd, 2014

Steps to Make a Highly Profitable Blog

When you have decided to write out your thinking and belief about the different subjects that are moving you day to day, it can be a highly enjoyable reading material for those whom it makes a point to read different blogs on the internet. You need to give a lot of time in learning steps to make a highly profitable blog so that you can make a career out of such profession. You can generate a good profit if you know a few things. Remember that products, e-books, services etc can generate a fair amount of revenue for any blog apart from the revenue that it generates via advertisements. 


Step : 1

You need to have a good subject and a smooth writing style. Do not copy from others as then the writing would not be unique. Readers come to you for your unique style, not for the sake of just reading a general writing.

Keep updating yourself of the current world and keep an opinion to share with your readers.


Step : 2

Design the website in such a way that it reflects the pattern of your topic. The page where your article would be posted should be the center point of attraction of the whole page.

No unnecessary fancy stuff should be there so that the real matter gets covered. Remember to just keep it simple.


Step : 3

Keep the advertisements for your page at a specific area so that when anything new comes up, your readers should check in that particular place to find out any product that they might be interested in.

The advertisement for products would lead them to another site and you would generate revenue in return either via any PPC program (for example Google Adsense) or via any Affiliate program (for example Amazon).


Step : 4

Your blog can be used to describe new products or services offered by you too. You can let your readers know about the services that you are offering and make sure that the merchandise and service is provided to your customers at the correct time and in right place. This will increase their confidence.


Step : 5

Tuition for different subjects can also be given through your site and people who want to be coached would fill up the requirement form and deposit registration fee.

Make sure this is done with complete knowledge and responsibility from your part.


Step : 6

Add a few interesting videos and images to prove the point of your views and thinking so that the page looks interesting and gives a justified angle to your thinking.

The quality of video must be good and if you can keep option for others to share your videos and  images, it would make others interested to visit your site.


Step : 7

Introduce training sessions for people who would like to be trained in different technical subjects. The simplest way to offer this kind of training is by creating a video with a digital camera and then editing it to create proper video sessions.

Chat sessions can also be arranged with people who are interested in learning. There are currently various blogs which offer these kind of services.


Step : 8

Keep a healthy relation with your readers. Specifically focus on regular visitors of your site. Introduce your brand new readers with an auto responder of your old posts (most interesting ones). Send them to the new viewer’s email address so that they may feel special by being welcomed in style.


Step : 9

Introduce new products from your site by making them look interesting by publishing a good introductory article about them. Make the products more attractive by offering a discount on repeat selling to customers who come back or who often buys your products.


Step : 10

Content is the bloodline of a blog therefore make it a rule to write unique, interesting and regularly. Never forget to reply to any comment of your reader also as the readers would then find it engaging to get attention from the site. Make it a practice to show that you are always there to communicate with your readers.


These few things are very common but if you can follow them religiously then you can expect your blog to generate good revenue for you.