10 Reasons Why Computers Are Better Than Girlfriends

POSTED BY Sherjeel, UPDATED ON February 21st, 2023
Reasons Why Computers are Better than Girlfriends

This a post dedicated to all computer lovers. Computers versus girlfriends are some interesting reasons why our beloved computers, with all their content, are better than most girlfriends in general. Before we start please note that this post is intended to be funny and should not be taken seriously. So, here we share the reasons why computers are better than girlfriends:

  1. Your computer never wants to be taken out for dinner, on the other hand, your girlfriend does and you know what can happen if you don’t.
  2. No matter how ugly or bad looking your computer is you can always show it to your friends, while this might not be the case with your girlfriend.
  3. A computer doesn’t mind if you are using another computer or computers, but in the case of a girlfriend, you can imagine the consequences.
  4. With a girlfriend, it’s always your fault, while with computers you don’t have to say even sorry.
  5. A computer never forgets your birthday.
  6. You can always turn off a computer.
  7. Computers never ask you to call them in the morning.
  8. Computers are affordable and cheap.
  9. You cannot delete some data from a girlfriend rather they forget exactly what they want to forget and when they want to forget.
  10. Last but not least If you don’t like your computer, you can always trade it in for a new one.

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