10 Must Have iPhone Apps

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 8th, 2019

Must Have iPhone Apps

Below is a list of 10 great iPhone apps that will save you time, make your life easier and make you smile. All of them are must-have apps to realize your iPhone’s true power.


1. Photoshop Express iPhone App

Want something to edit your pictures on your iPhone, here you go, straight from Adobe, all your basic photo editing needs to be answered! Photoshop Express does not come with all the bells and whistles of Adobe Photoshop, but it sure lets you do quite a lot of things like remove noise, colorize, straighten images, and of course, share the pictures easily.

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2. Shazam

Hate it when you hear a great song at the mall or dental clinic and wish you knew what it was? Just click on Shazam and let it have a listen. The song title and artist pops right up. Shazam is an app that feels like magic when you first use it.

The app is one of the most popular music-related apps on the market. The Shazam application would upload a portion of the song to its database and let you know what song it was.  It’s deceptively simple but the sheer technology behind this simplicity is mind-boggling.

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3. TuneIn Radio Pro

When it comes to world news and business, one must have a radio app on one’s iPhone. Exploiting the multitasking feature of the iPhone you could do a lot more things while listening to the radio at the same time.

The Tune-in Radio app allows you to listen to and record over 50,000 radio stations including thousands of AM/FM local stations on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. With the help of this app, you could now even listen to the radio and still do other stuff like browse the net, send emails and social networks.

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4. Flashlight

As odd as it sounds you find yourself using the iPhone as a flashlight quite often, so why not have a dedicated app for this purpose. This one is nice and bright and easy to control.

The flashlight uses the LED light on iPhone and fills your screen with bright white light to illuminate your world when you find yourself in a dark spot or concert.

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5. Skype

Skype is still an essential download for iPhone. The interface is pleasingly simple and usable, enabling anyone with a Skype account to make free calls to other Skype users and cheap calls to anywhere in the world. If you’re on Pay and Go, this is particularly handy, moreover, the app also enables iPod Touch users to utilize their devices for calls.

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6. Facebook

Facebook App is the most essential app for a social iPhone user. The app provides speedy access to regularly visited sections (news feed, notifications, and so on) and pages, and the experience is such that it in many ways beats the browser version.

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7. Blog Press

Most people don’t realize that you can manage and update your blog using a simple desktop application built into Windows with the help of a program called Windows Live Writer.  There are blogging apps for the iPhone that use the same technology. 

So you can type out and publish posts without having to deal with the interface or a browser. To enable it to go to your WordPress dashboard, then go to Settings, Writing, and enable the XML-RPC publishing protocol.  Now your blog is ready for the BlogPress app.  Just install on your phone and you are good to go.

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8. IMDb iPhone App

An app to satisfy all your movies and entertainment needs giving you easy access to the information about all the movies. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows! New releases, blockbusters, films you can watch now, old films that you forgot about, and much more.

This app is almost full-featured has everything that the normal website offers and comes with all the information, search and feature capabilities.

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9. Google Earth iPhone App

Google Earth iPhone App will turn your iPhone into a personal transporter. Google Earth is used to search for areas or cities and it will give you a choice of results. It displays images and Wikipedia information of an area if available.

Along with that this app also displays longitude and latitude information and altitudes. However, the performance of Google Earth app depends on your internet connection

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10. Converter Plus

Converter Plus is a unit converter with a very extensive list of currencies and units in hundreds of categories. This all-in-one calculation app, delivering numbers on nearly everything, from currency conversions to loan interest figures.

It converts metric to imperial measurements for temperature, cooking volumes, length, and more.

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