Unknown Mobile Spotted at CES 2012: Is this Samsung Galaxy S III?

17 Jan 2012 by

samsung galaxy s III

Just when CES 2012 was coming to its conclusion, a video having a Galaxy S II-like mobile  shown by Samsung at its presentation has given rise to rumors and speculation in all directions regarding the possible appearance of Galaxy S III. With a number of rumors about the possible specs of Galaxy S III buzzing online, this is the very first report which focuses on the appearance of Galaxy S III.

It is currently not clear whether the phone that appears in the video (embedded below) is Galaxy S III or not because it can be a brand new product which Samsung is working on or alternatively a complete fictitious model deliberately made for the presentation video.

If it happens to be the actual Galaxy S III then it is clear that the Galaxy S III would sport a next-gen 4.6″ diagonal Super AMOLED screen, something Galaxy fans would surely rejoice.

Have a look at the video, Galaxy S III (possibly) appears at 7:11


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