Big Names with Unfortunate Invention Related Problems [Infographic]

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Unfortunate Invention Related Problems

Creativity and ingenuity don’t always pay off for those at the root of incredible inventions and advancements. Some recognizable names are surprising examples of those who had insight in inventing but who weren’t able to capitalize on those products to the extent that one might expect. Publicity isn’t always beneficial.

Charles Goodyear is an excellent example of this principle. His discovery of vulcanizing rubber transformed transportation, and we easily associate the name with high quality tires. His discovery was accidental. Unfortunately, his invention fell into the hands of a rival. While Goodyear Tire Co. is named in honor of the inventor, the honor didn’t come until four decades after his death.

Eli Whitney is another famed inventor, credited with development of the cotton gin. The textile industry benefited greatly from the design, but because of the simplicity of the system, it was impossible to enforce the patent. The invention was followed by a lifelong challenge in dealing with patent infringement lawsuits.

Unfortunate Invention Related Problems Infographic

Infographic Source: BusinessMBA.org!

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