contribute to Chillopedia

You would be surely glad to know that Chillopedia is open to user contribution!

If you happen to be a fresh writer looking for more exposure and training then Chillopedia is an ideal platform to get a grasp on mainstream blogging and SEO as our well versed team of editors and refined editorial workflow will polish you up in no time.


What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of contributing to for example:

  • Your article would be published with your name (unlike most of other blogs that publish user contributed content anonymously) which will improve your personal brandification as an author and will bring you great exposure in the industry
  • With a well written article and a well placed backlink inside the article, you can drive plenty of traffic to your site (Note: We only offer no-follow links and all the external links included in the article should be relevant to the article and useful for the reader. We don’t entertain SEO agencies/guest writers who are seeking to buy/place do-follow links in articles in order to help their clients manipulate search engine rankings)
  • We maintain a strong presence on various social networks and your article would get shared on all of our social accounts – that would give your article great social exposure
  • You yourself would also get great social exposure as an author – that in-turn would result in new social connections with other key players in the industry
  • Depending upon your number of submitted articles your name would get listed in either ‘Major’ or ‘Minor’ contributors (here)
  • You could also win either an advertisement coupon or become a regular staff author at (if eligible)



The requirements for a user contributed article are straightforward:

  • You have to write a unique 1500+ words long interesting article that could suit any of the category present on (you can request a topic to write on if you are facing difficulty in selecting a topic)
  • We only accept articles on topics that are related to the niche which we usually cover on our blog, therefore your article should be strictly relevant to at least one of our category (excluding ‘random’)
  • The article you submit should never have been published before on any other website, blog, forum or magazine (whether offline or online) etc
  • Your article should have at least one relevant high quality image (with proper credit to the original source, unless the image is already public domain)
  • Your backlink URL should not be a spam/adult/illegal/substandard website and all external links should have [rel = 'nofollow']
  • Your article should add a unique value to the topic/problem you are writing on
  • You should have a Google+ account (it is mandatory for enabling your Google Authorship Markup)
  • Your email should have a thumbnail registered at
  • After the publication of the article, we encourage you to share the article on all of your social circles to give it a social push
  • You will have to reply on all the comments that will eventually be posted by visitors on your contributed posts



All you have to do is to:

  • Write your article on MS Word and email it to along with the author’s name, email address, Google+ profile link and a short introductory biography — ORRegister a ‘subscriber’ account on the site and contact us to get an upgradation to ‘author’ account.


Disclaimer: We don’t give publishing rights to any author (no exceptions at all), and all articles are published after a thorough review by the Editor-in-Chief to ensure quality. Your submitted article therefore would have to go through an extensive review before getting published and has the right to edit your submitted article to optimize certain aspects and to match the general format of the blog!