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11 Aug

3 Best Skin Packs to Transform Windows 7

Author | Waleed Ahmed Kisana

 Transform Windows 7

Everything in life needs a change after sometime, so is the case with your PC. One gets bored by looking at the same desktop screen again and again, although its very easy to change the look of your PC by just changing wallpapers and themes which keeps the look of your PC fresh and new, but some people like to go one step further and like to revamp the entire UI with the help of a skin pack. Read More »

12 Jul

How to Use MSConfig to Control Startup Programs in Windows

Author | Heather Johnson

How to Use MSConfig

Msconfig stands for Microsoft System Configuration Utility and is built into Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It is mainly used for troubleshooting computer problems but can also be used to disable programs from starting up when you first boot. Read More »

12 Apr

The Future of Virtualization: The Beauty of VMware

Author | Felicia Baratz-Savage

 The Beauty of VMware

It’s true that virtual machines (VMs) aren’t what they used to be, but that may be a good thing. Back in the days of desktop virtualization, VM users would be forced to use two separate partitions to run two separate operating systems side-by-side. This would require unnecessarily demanding computing resources. For instance, if you were running Linux and Windows on your machine, switching between operating systems meant signing out of one VM and into the other. This not only delayed IT efforts, but also required processing power that slowed down in-house computing resources.

Read More »

10 Feb

Razer Project Fiona: Best Gaming Gear of 2012

Author | Ahmad Naeem

razer project fiona

With the start of 2012 here comes a new surprise from Razer. You must’ve heard of a smartphone with a tablet touch last year aka the Samsung Galaxy Note, though that was a handy and a beautiful device for sure but now at the CES 2012 Razer has displayed it’s new bombshell product named “Project Fiona” Read More »

4 Feb

Download Firefox 10 Final Version For Windows and Mac OS X

Author | NK

Download Firefox 10 Final Version For Windows and Mac OS X

You have a right to rejoice in case you are a Firefox user, as Mozilla has recently pushed out the final version of Firefox 10 to the general public. The latest version offers a fair number of new features and as usual some general performance enhancements. Users who already have installed any previous version of Firefox would get silently upgraded to this new version once they click the Read More »

29 Jan

How to Calculate More With Windows 7

Author | Heather Johnson

Win 7 Calculator

Windows 7 provides you with two good options to make more of calculations that are extremely easy to use. First is the Calculator and other option is Math inputpanel. Read More »