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27 Jun

Microsoft Launches Windows 8.1 Preview – Download it Now

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Download Windows 8.1 Preview

Microsoft has officially launched the Windows 8.1 Preview version at the Build Developer Conference that took place in San Francisco yesterday. The previous version certainly did impress a lot of consumers but had its downsides too. The totally new outlook somewhat baffled users as they were used to the beloved classic look of Windows that was enhanced over the years. Read More »

5 Jan

Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X – Which is Better?

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Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X

With over a year going into development between HTC and Microsoft the launch of the Windows Phone 8X has been much anticipated. But upon evaluating WP8, it surely wouldn’t be wrong to say that they should have “done better”. Microsoft has a lot of advantages in the tech world. Their capacity to throw cash around and to enter markets is second to none. However, they are late to this party and they will have to catch up fast if they want to gain credibility at the top end of the market place. Nokia, with the Lumia 920 shows them how it should be done. Despite going for quite a bulky design, Nokia is able to maintain ergonomic comfort and practicality while delivering innovation in bucket loads. Lets start with our Nokia Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X comparison, shall we! Read More »

16 Dec

Microsoft Blames Developers for Cracked Windows Store Apps

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cracked windows store app

Windows has this strange allure to it’s products which attracts hackers from all around the world. The latest victim to this myth is the Windows App Store where you can get featured and dull-length apps for free, without paying a cent. Interestingly enough, it has not taken the acumen or the deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes to figure this puzzle out; a Nokia engineer, Justin Angel, exposed how vulnerable the apps on the Windows Store actually were. Read More »

5 Dec

Apple Beats LG to Become 2nd Largest Mobile Manufacturer in US

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Apple Beats LG

The global smartphone industry has literally exploded in the recent years when it comes to both adaptation and advancement in technology. The smartphone industry immediately got saturated with time making competition between smartphone manufacturers really tough. To stay alive in the industry, manufacturers need to have a constant supply of innovative mobile devices and a cool eco system. Amongst global markets, United States is a major market and to be really successful globally, a manufacturer needs to be successful in the USA first to gain both financial and psychological advantage over the adversaries.

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6 Nov

5 Must Have Apps for Windows 8

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Must Have apps for Windows 8 image

The days are passing off fast. It’s like Microsoft had just announced of a possible Windows 8 at CES, 2011. Some people may have used the consumer version of Windows 8 and have been waiting for the original version to roll out, and here we are. Finally, the long wait is over and Windows 8 was officially released last Oct. 26. Read More »

26 Sep

Will Bill Gates Succeed in Making Revolutionary Toilet for 21st Century?

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Making Revolutionary Toilet for 21st Century

Bill Gates is famous for many reasons such as being the founder of Microsoft, being named the world’s richest person for over a decade in the late nineties, and for the $26 billion of grants made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Things to be proud of indeed, but the determination to change the world doesn’t end there for Bill Gates and The Foundation. A key focus area of The Foundation right now is on making a revolutionary toilet (yes we aren’t joking). Lets analyze what caused Bill Gates to get into this toilet thing and whether he would succeed in making a revolutionary toilet or not! Read More »