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20 Feb

Download iOS 6.1.2 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

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download ios 6.1.2

Apple has just released the second minor update to iOS 6.1 which fixes the bug that causes network activity problems for Exchange calendar users. iOS 6.1 final version was released back in January to improve iOS 6 user experience and to fix some bugs. iOS 6.1 was also added with a new Siri feature of purchasing movie tickets in US along with LTE support. Some days later, first update was released exclusively for iPhone 4S to fix its 3G network connectivity problems. Within some days a critical bug was found which was allowing unintended users to unlock the passcode protecting lock screen of any iPhone by clicking few seconds to Emergency Call button. Well this cannot create a problem for an iOS user in terms of user experience but this bug can lead a user’s contacts in the hands of an unintended user. The bug is now being fixed in iOS 6.1.2 before it could create some serious problems. Read More »

6 Feb

MyScript Calculator: The Mobile App That Solves Handwritten Maths Problems

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MyScript Calculator

As smartphones are getting popular day by day, the various popular mobile app stores are also getting crowded and it is getting difficult to find some good apps among thousands of common low quality apps. Luckily many developers are continuously rolling out new, fresh and unique idea based apps and games as a result of which lots of useful and innovative apps are making their way to app stores. One such app which we are about to feature today is MyScript Calculator that is available on both iOS and Android.

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5 Feb

7 Best iPhone Apps For Medical Students

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iphone apps for medical students

Being a medical student can be stressful. Trying to keep up with every little fact and bit of knowledge is even more stressful. Thankfully, there are a number of great iPhone apps for medical students that you can add to your smartphone to keep yourself informed. Whether you need to find a formula or lab value, these medical students apps will come in handy. The following are just seven iPhone apps no med student should be without: Read More »

25 Dec

5 iTunes 11 Features That We Really Liked

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iTunes 11 Features

iTunes, the popular exclusive media player for all iDevices, was originally released back in 2001 and till date has gone through various transformations – latest version being rolled out in the end of this November dubbed as iTunes 11. The new iTunes 11 has very cool features some of which we really liked: Read More »