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27 Nov

Top 3 Mobile Apps Showdown Contenders for 2014

Author | Heather Johnson

mobile apps showdown contenders for 2014

For the fifth season, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presents the Mobile Apps Showdown, the contest that showcases the hottest, newest apps on the market. Not only is this live event the most entertaining part of the show, it’s a great way to learn about the latest apps for productivity, imaging, entertainment, communications, and lifestyle. Read More »

18 Nov

4 Daily Activities You’ll be Glad You Have a Tablet For

Author | Heather Johnson

Daily Activities You'll be Glad You Have a Tablet For

Lots of people who don’t have tablets question what they would use one for. The argument is often, “I have a smartphone and a laptop; what do I need a tablet for?” That concern probably stems from the fact that in the grand scheme of tech gadgets, tablet computers are just now starting to burst onto the radar of mainstream consumers. Read More »

21 Oct

Why Internet Speed in America Lags Behind the Rest of the World [Infographic]

Author | Heather Johnson

slow broadband in USA

Once upon a time, America was the indisputable leader in innovation. It had the best telecommunications infrastructure, the most advanced technology and things other countries could only dream of having, like satellites and Internet. Now, America is the one lagging behind. That includes high-speed Internet connections. If you ever wondered why internet speed in America lags behind the rest of the world then here’s your chance to get an insight into it: Read More »

25 Sep

Over 9 Million iPhones Sold and Over 200 Million iOS 7 Downloads in Just 3 Days

Author | Waleed Ahmed Kisana

over 9 million iPhones sold

Apple sold a total of “nine million” of its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models in just three days after the launch of the new iPhone models on September 20. In addition, over 200 million iOS devices are now running on the newly redesigned iOS 7, making it the fastest software upgrade in history of Apple. The demand for the iPhone 5S has exceeded the initial supply of devices due to which many online orders are now scheduled to be shipped in the coming weeks. Read More »

13 Sep

Next-Gen Samsung Smartphones Will Have 64-bit Processors

Author | Waleed Ahmed Kisana

Samsung Smartphones Will Have 64-bit Processors

Just two days after Apple announced the iPhone 5S with a 64 bit CPU chip, Samsung too has now stated that the next-gen Samsung smartphones will have 64-bit processors in the near future. This statement clearly indicates that the 2014 flagships, such as the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note’s 4th sequel will be getting brand new 64-bit processors. Another announcement that Samsung made today is its plan for expanding business in mainland China. Read More »

12 Sep

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About iPhone 5C

Author | Rafay Farooq

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone 5C

Apple on Tuesday has finally announced the long awaited and rumored ‘budget iPhone’ called iPhone 5C. The release of next generation iPhones are always met with a lot of frenzy but the latest buzz of excitement for both the next gen iPhone 5S and the low cost iPhone 5C is something that has never been seen before (probably because of the launch of two new iPhones instead of a usual single launch). Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 5C: Read More »