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20 Dec

Top 5 Events With Most Expensive Tickets Ever

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most expensive tickets ever sold

In a market where the price of a ticket is determined by the supply and demand, it is not rare for tickets to reach expensive prices. What if the demand was that high that the prices of the tickets were so expensive they were literally out of this world. The black market simply refers to the resale market or the secondary ticket market in which the tickets are sold for more than face value, by the owner of the tickets. Read More »

1 Nov

Can the Classification of Cheerleading as a Sport Improve Safety?

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Cheerleading is a great way for girls, boys, men and women to get in shape and show support for their favorite teams, but unfortunately, cheerleading is not without its health or safety risks. From the potential for falls to overexertion and more, people who participate in cheerleading activities face a variety of challenges. As a result, many medical experts are now supporting the classification of cheerleading as a sport so that participants can be protected by the same health and safety regulations that other athletes enjoy. Read More »

26 Oct

The Rituals of the Tennis Pros

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ritual of tennis stars

There’s a thin line that one walks between a ritual and a superstition. Rituals are a specific sort of action taken on a regular basis, which is perceived to produce a desired result; to bring good luck, or, in the world of sports, victory. According to Wikipedia, [rituals]…” have typically involved special gestures and words, recitation of fixed texts, performance of special music, songs, or dances, processions, manipulation of certain objects, use of special dresses, consumption of special food or drink”; all of which we have seen exhibited watching games played on courts and on fields.

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