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15 Jun

Apple Kicks Google Maps, Adds Facebook to iPhone

Author | Waleed Ahmed Kisana

Apple Kicks Google Maps

Apple has announced its own mapping service featuring real time traffic conditions, turn by turn navigation, vector graphics and 3d flyovers. Mapping service will be released this fall with the release of iOS 6. With this announcement at WWDC 2012, Apple has kicked Google powered mapping service from iPhone and iPad that was being used as a default since 2007. Users interested in continuing with their Google Maps will have to go from a hurdle of finding and installing the app from the app store. Read More »

9 May

How Can a Small Business Use Social Media Effectively?

Author | Felicia Baratz-Savage

Small Business Use Social Media Effectively

There is no doubt that social media is here to stay. It’s become a pervasive and integral part of our media landscape. Social media helps us to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts. It can also help us to reconnect with long lost friends and classmates from our distant past. It can help us to stay up to date with our favorite artists, bands and musicians, and even stay connected with restaurants and businesses that we like. Social media is not limited to the individual, either; even The National Archives have a Tumblr account, NPR and The Today Show have Pinterest accounts! Read More »

29 Feb

Does Google Plus Affect Your SEO ?

Author | Heather Johnson

Does Google Plus Affect Your SEO

Social networking sites have revamped the way people use and browse the Internet. On an average it can be said that today anyone who logs into the Internet makes it a point to first open a social networking site. If the trend started with Orkut and MySpace, Facebook took it forward to such an extent that today every Internet user is virtually connected to friends and family. When we talk about the Internet, the one name that we cannot miss out on is Read More »

24 Jan

Google Plus is Approaching 100 Million Users and Rapidly Growing

Author | Heather Johnson

Google Plus is Approaching 100 Million Users

Google’s introduction into the world of social networking has obviously been a success as it currently has over 90 million individual users, reports CEO Larry Page as of January, 2012. In a press release, which was issued by Google in the 4th quarter, Page stated that he is enthusiastic about the growth of Gmail, Android and Google Plus, which has reached over 90 million users worldwide. This is a phenomenal growth in such a short time period for any website, even for Google. It is now evident that Google Plus is approaching 100 million users and rapidly growing! Read More »

27 Dec

How to do Quick Surveys on the Internet

Author | Asher Ross

tools for quick surveys on the internet

The issue which I have raised this time is the issue of online surveys, which is one of the many ways increasingly being used to gauge the opinions of people on different subjects. The advantages of using the internet in these matters are evident. First, the low cost because there is no need to use an outside company if you do not want to, second immediacy because the results are still in situ, third much higher participation if you know how to reach users’ service of choice and fourth simplicity because the tools available on the network are not difficult to use. Read More »

8 Nov

Google+ Branded Pages Now Live

Author | NK

google plus branded pages

Google today has unveiled its long awaited Google+ branded pages for all of its registered users nearly after five months of its launch. Google faced massive criticism when it launched Google Plus without having anything in it for brands. But that problem no longer exists as Google Plus branded pages are now here to give Facebook Pages a Read More »