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25 Sep

E-commerce Trend Booming Rapidly in Pakistan

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ecommerce in pakistan

E-commerce has shown an impressive increase in the last couple of years in Pakistan. From a point when the idea of receiving a mobile phone at your doorstep seemed impossible, even absurd, we have come to realize the potential that such a business model possesses. No one could have thought that ordering clothes, books, electronics and other household items online could have been possible. But today, it seems to have become the most preferred medium of shopping. Read More »

12 Dec

7 Reasons Why Teenagers Are Leaving Facebook

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reasons why teenagers are leaving facebook

“Teenagers are now leaving Facebook.” – This statement may come off as a shocker, but it’s proven to be true lately. Teens may be Internet-savvy, especially when it comes to social networking sites. But teenagers are now shying away on Facebook. Why is Facebook losing its appeal to teens? Here are seven solid reasons why teenagers are leaving Facebook: Read More »

6 Nov

Review FoodPanda.pk: Order Delicious Food Online Now

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review FoodPanda.pk

The e-commerce business in Pakistan has been strongly developing in the last couple of years. Despite economic conditions and technological constraints, new startups are conquering the market all the time. Not knowing what to eat during lunch breaks or especially in the evening, is a common problem that everyone knows especially those that have to work late and cannot be bothered to go out or cook anymore. Read More »

3 Nov

Top 5 Social Media Trends for Real Estate Agents in 2014

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social media trends for real estate agents

With over 40 million internet users in Pakistan, home buyers are relying heavily on online sources to provide information, with decreasing focus on newspapers and magazines. Internet has become a crucial and indispensable tool in the home search process. Besides, real estate agents continue to be a critical component in the home buyer’s search process. Read More »

15 Sep

New Media vs Old Media Billionaires [Infographic]

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new media vs old media billionaires infographic

What is it like to do business today compared to the previous generations? That is a question not all entrepreneurs ask. Yet, it is such an important thought to ponder on. Right now, we are very lucky to have easy access to the Internet and technology. These developments and advancements have greatly helped businesses grow at such a rapid rate. With technology, entrepreneurs get more robust tools for their companies. And with the Internet, their reach has gone worldwide and markets have multiplied in ways we did not expect. This kind of environment has even allowed a lot of new entrepreneurs to venture into businesses. It seems to be so much easy to create your own startup nowadays. It could be as easy as just creating a website, maintaining it and making it profitable. No wonder why we have more young entrepreneurs todayRead More »