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9 Jan

NVIDIA Surprises Gaming Industry with ‘Project Shield’ at CES 2013

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Project Shield at CES 2013

NVIDIA, the California based tech company famous for its graphics processing units is launching its own portable gaming console in the market dubbed as ‘Project Shield’. The device is powered by ‘pure’ Android OS and packs a very powerful punch in terms of hardware specs. NVIDIA has officially announced Project Shield at CES 2013 which is currently going in full swing at Las Vegas. Read More »

2 Sep

The Must Have Features of a True Gaming Keyboard

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must have features of gaming keyboards

Whether you are only a beginner or a veteran online gamer, there is a keyboard for your skill level and budget. Gaming keyboards offer a wealth of features in your fingertips. Aside from that, they also provide superior responsiveness and accuracy, compared to the standard keyboards that are often bundled up in PC purchases. Typical keyboards that come with desktop packages are designed to get the basic tasks done and nothing else. Although such keyboards have gained new features in the last few years, they really haven’t changed much. Read More »

15 Aug

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming – Which One Rules?

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pc gaming vs console gaming

With the birth of the game console, the war between gaming platforms began. Desktop computers no longer held the monopoly in gaming, especially when the Sony Playstation arrived with more sophisticated graphics and control, rivaling that of the PC. Other brands followed suit with their own consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo Gamecube/Wii. These game consoles gained a cult following and there have been no turning back since. Today we have tried to find out the winner of pc gaming vs console gaming debate, that actually deserves the title of the real king of the gaming world. Read More »

16 Jul

Apple’s Lisa: The Innovative Commercial Disaster

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Apple's Lisa The Innovative Commercial Disaster

In 1983 when Apple designed The Lisa, it was released into the world as the new business computer that would be a strong follow up to the Apple II. It was released after a very long development process with a lot of delays. The Lisa shook up the computer world, mainly because it’s cost was so high: $10,000 (which is over $21,000 in today’s dollars when adjusted for inflation). The price tag was about four times what it was expected to be when the Lisa was first envisioned. Many years of development went into creating Lisa, but many who don’t know about this old Apple system may be wondering if it was all worth it. Read More »

5 Apr

NVIDIA’s Next Generation GPUs to Ramp Up Ultrabooks

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NVIDIA new generation GPU for Ultrabooks

NVIDIA took the wrappers off the company’s next-generation graphics processor unit last month for both desktop PCs and the upcoming Ultrabooks. This new graphics processing unit is based on the company’s new Kepler graphics architecture. The new chips are designed to deliver extreme high quality 3D gaming performance (even for modern games running on DX11). On the other hand these new chips allow higher levels of power efficiency and less noise. Read More »