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25 Nov

18 Rare Facts About Abraham Lincoln

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rare facts about Abraham Lincoln

Down on his luck and born to a family that barely earned a dime, Lincoln was destined for greatness and didn’t let any criticism stop him. Preserving the Union, strengthening the economy, Lincoln gave it all he had when the United States of America didn’t seem united at all. Apart from being the tallest American President and winning the Civil War, here are 18 rare facts about Abraham Lincoln:  Read More »

18 Oct

Whose Really to Blame for the Drought in the US?

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Whose Really to Blame for the Drought in the US

The United States is one of the world’s primary food suppliers, so when the worst drought in 40 years hit this summer, the effects were felt at home as well as abroad. Food prices have rocketed, farms are ruined and both lives and the way of life for many are endangered yet again. Record breaking lack of snow and rain combined with the hottest July on record may have compounded years of little rain to cause the drought, but was there a way that we could have prevented the drought conditions from getting that bad. There are multiple levels of blame, from government to water companies and from fate to ourselves. As recovery begins one must ask what was really to blame for the drought in the US, or perhaps more correctly – who? Read More »

4 Jun

The Weirdest Hobbies of Kim Jong-il

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Weirdest Hobbies of Kim Jong-il

The late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il was an evil psychopath. His regime held in the region of 200,000 political prisoners in concentration camps where they are still subject to harsh manual labor. There is no freedom of speech, babies born with physical defects are often murdered, and the majority of the population lives in a state of near total poverty while the ruling elite live in comically lavish luxury. Read More »