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3 Apr

Top 15 Movie Mob Bosses of All Time

Author | Tayyab Khalil

Movie Mob Bosses of All Time

The reason behind the power of every criminal empire lies in the wit, or in some cases ruthlessness, of the man in charge of the entire operation. Bad as they may be, it cannot be denied that the role of a don in any gangster movie has always been regarded as the most pivotal character; adding the icing to the cake. Read More »

16 Mar

7 Iconic Movies That Never Got Oscar Nomination For Best Picture

Author | Usman Raza Khan

 Iconic Movies That Never Got Oscar Nomination For Best Picture

Hundreds of movies are made in a calendar year including some real good ones but the Academy can’t nominate all of them for the Best Picture award. Only 10 movies, at maximum, can get the nomination now but before 2009 (from 1944-2008), only 5 movies used to get the nomination each year. The Academy has a tough job of separating the good from the great but still in the past, there have been instances when some really great movies were somewhat harshly left out from the Oscar nominations for the Best Picture category: Read More »

10 Mar

Top 10 Best Asian Movies of 2000-2013

Author | Usman Raza Khan

Best Asian Movies of 2000-2013

Asia is the world’s largest continent both by population and by land area containing about 50 countries. So to pick just 10 of the best Asian movies of the last 13 years is a hell of a task and its highly likely that most of you will have different opinions on this list that we have compiled today. Before proceeding any further, let us share some things that we took into account while compiling data for this list; We aren’t taking into account any animated feature movies otherwise a couple or even more would have easily been included. Moreover, we’ve tried to take movies from as many different countries as possible (Middle East included) so that one particular cinema doesn’t dominate (we however do have multiple mentions in the honorable section country-wise). So, without any further delays, here are the 10 best Asian movies of 2000-2013: Read More »

11 Jan

8 Best Patriotic Movies For Independence Day Viewing

Author | Heather Johnson

Best Patriotic Movies For Independence Day

Whether you’re looking for a movie night to prepare for the Fourth of July celebrations or are thinking of one to top off this holiday, there are many patriotic films that continue to rank highly among film fans.  The following 8 best patriotic movies showcase the American spirit at its finest and will inspire you to remember what makes the U.S. great: Read More »

21 Nov

4 Memorable Alien Adventures on the Big Screen

Author | Heather Johnson

memorable alien adventures on the big screen

Aliens are popular in many forms of media because of the mystery that surrounds them. Since there has yet to be solid proof of their existence in real life, people dream up fantastical stories about them to make do with instead. In fact, to experience the best alien movies, here are 4 memorable alien adventures on the big screen that are even popular to this day: Read More »

12 Nov

25 Best World War II Movies of all Time

Author | Rafay Farooq

best world war II movies of all time

World War II was a dark time for the older generation, but a remarkably action packed one for the newer generations. It was the classic good vs. evil battle, with very little politics involved and that is why many people wish to relive the ‘glory days’. While time travelling back to 1940s isn’t possible, these 25 best World War II movies of all time will make you realize just how big of an impact World War II had on humanity: Read More »