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9 Mar

The Power of Technology Behind Real Superheroes [Infographic]

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Real Superheroes

There is more to superhero powers than you think. A superhero and its abilities has inspired not only ordinary people to become real life superheroes but has also inspired the world to develop more advanced gadgets that can help save lives. Have you ever wondered what these real superheroes will be capable of? The infographic featured today firstly looks at the real power of superheroes and how human beings can participate in Parkour training in order to develop their human abilities. It also looks at how the U.S. the government has invested time and money to develop Iron Man soldiers and Exoskeletons and how such technological advancements are beneficial to the real world.  Read More »

11 Jan

The Hardest Military Recruitment Processes in the World

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Hardest Military Recruitment Processes in the World

So you once had a job interview where you were interviewed for over an hour and then had to take a number of computer and numerical literacy tests. Emerging from that particular minimalist dungeon feeling exhausted and spent, was the color drained from your face and you were unable to operate your phone with your clammy hands?

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16 Sep

Images of New Chinese Stealth Jet Fighter Leaked Online

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Images of New J-21 the Chinese stealth jet

Some high resolution images of a new Chinese stealth jet fighter have leaked online over this weekend. The images appear to be genuine and do not seem to have been tempered, and given the trend observed 2 years back — when images of J-20 were leaked online and then after a week, J-20’s existence was officially acknowledged — things seem to fit into the picture perfectly. The leaked images show a stealth jet which matches the characteristics of the long rumored Chinese J-21 stealth fighter and is likely a J-21 prototype. The jet seems to have a stealth profile as it strikingly resembles to USAF’s F-22 Raptor which is currently the only stealth jet fighter in the world to be in active service (although it is currently choking its pilots due to some unknown mysterious reasons). Read More »

15 Sep

The Guns Which Shot US Presidents

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guns which shot the president

Out of the five shootings which have occurred in American history, only one President survived; that was Ronald Reagan. The other four; Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F Kennedy; died. Now raise your hand if you’ve thought about the guns which shot US Presidents? We know that we really haven’t other than the sensationalism which surrounded some of them; The Kennedy assassination hype and Brady Bill after Reagan was shot. So what about the guns which were used? Read More »