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3 Oct

10 Most Famous Movie Cars Ever

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Famous Movie Cars Ever

Just like the famous cliché said “The car you drive defines who you are”. Nothing better defines a movie too than the car the lead character drives. For decades we saw movies after movies parade dozens of cars – whether it’s for action, horror, romance etc – but only a few got their recognition n a big way. And because we love movies, and we love cars. We give you today’s honor roll (drum rolls please): The 10 most famous movie cars ever. Now regardless of their use, their color or style, each of these cards had one thing in common: They become iconic and will always have a space in our hearts. Start the countdown now. Read More »

27 Aug

Top 10 Insane Facts About DC Comics

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Insane Facts About DC Comics

The year was 1934 when pulp magazine writer and entrepreneur Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded the company National Allied Publications with the aim of bringing a revolution in their field. Nearly 80 years later, that company, now known as DC Comics, Inc. has become one of the most successful companies ever to create and recreate many recognizable and cherished superheroes and comic characters in the world. The fan following are very well aware of the good and the bad of the company but the same cannot be said about the ugly. From the Man of Steel to the Dark Knight, lets uncover ten of the most insane and rare facts about DC Comics: Read More »

27 Jun

Top 10 Celebrity Holiday Destinations

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Celebrity Holiday Destinations

Jetting off to some exotic holiday destination for a much-needed break is enviable in and of itself, but what could jazz up your holiday anecdotes better than spotting a famous person or two? After all, even celebrities need a respite from the hassles of daily life. So if you’re lucky enough to visit one of the following celebrity holiday destinations, you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous! Read More »

22 Feb

10 Oscar Winning Films Shot in London [Infographic]

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Oscar winning films

And the Academy Award for most famous city goes to…London! With Oscar night fast approaching, we decided to combine our love of London with our love of films and take a look at some Oscar winning films that were shot in London. It’s not just movie stars that light up the silver screen, a great location is as easily recognizable as Brad, George or Angelina. And when your location is a famous and iconic as London, it’s no surprise that it’s a star of so many Oscar winners. The infographic featured today looks at budget, box office takings, critical ratings and which awards the movies actually won, to bring you a guide to the ten most recent Oscar winning films that featured London as a location.

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