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11 Feb

The Search For MH370 [Infographic]

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the search for mh370

The fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is continuing to haunt the people who are searching for it to this day. There is a team of experienced searchers from all over the world that is working everyday to find answers on behalf of the victim’s families, the public and the airline itself. Below is what… Read More »

10 Jul

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google? [Infographic]

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job at goolge infographic large

In this year’s iteration of Fortune Magazine’s Annual List of 100 Best Companies to Work For, Google once again ranked first beating out competition like SAS, or Statistical Analysis System Institute – developer of analytics software and Intuit, also a software as a service developer of financial and tax preparation software and related services.

21 Oct

Why Internet Speed in America Lags Behind the Rest of the World [Infographic]

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Once upon a time, America was the indisputable leader in innovation. It had the best telecommunications infrastructure, the most advanced technology and things other countries could only dream of having, like satellites and Internet. Now, America is the one lagging behind. That includes high-speed Internet connections. If you ever wondered why internet speed in America lags… Read More »